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There’s something just a bit naughty about cooking with vodka. You tell someone there’s vodka in their dinner or dessert and their eyes widen; their lips curl into a smile.

Inspired by his love for cooking, his years working in Moscow, and the best vodkas in the world (not necessarily in that order), John Rose has assembled over 100  uniquely inebriated recipes, from Chilli con Vodka to Glazed & Confused Chicken, Loaded Doughnuts to Vodka Crepes. Learn how to turn ordinary meals into extraordinary events with The Vodka Cookbook.

Discover how to create Food Flights — soup-like shooters that blur the line between drinks and foods. You’ll also learn how to make flavored vodka infusions and use them to whip up your own unique dishes and drinks. This book will teach you how to cook-up a few handy vodka remedies. Of course, you’ll also find a few cool cocktail concoctions. But this book will soon have you moving your vodka out of the liquor cabinet and into the kitchen cabinet.

So buy this book, grab yourself a few bottles of vodka and learn why your next meal could be shaken AND stirred.

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